Spooky Story Competition: Winning Stories

Published: 30 October 2022

1st PRIZE (Age 5-9) Annie Davies

Millie and the evil pumpkin

A little girl screamed! Millie aged 6 was carving her pumpkin when her pumpkin came to life! It said “hahahaha!”

Millie grabbed a spatula “Oh my gosh” she said. She tried to call her Mum, Dad, and brother, but it was like everyone was frozen! The pumpkin was evil!

When the pumpkin looked at her family, they all disappeared!

Millie grabbed a knife and as she chopped the pumpkin up her family started to reappear! “It’s a miracle I’m speechless!” cried Millie “I’m definitely not buying a pumpkin ever again, no more pumpkins for me!”


2nd PRIZE (Age 5-9) Ruby Rees

A Mysterious Cat

In a little town, there lived a witch called Wilma. She had a green face, and on her green face, she had a squishy wart on her nose.

She lived in a haunted house with no one except her black cat called Midnight.

On her cat’s birthday, Wilma threw a party but no one came to it because they feared her evil power, she waited for about an hour for someone to come, but no one turned up.

She was so angry that she cast a wicked spell, that no one could ever be mean to a cat again! The end.


3rd PRIZE (Age 5-9) Emily Harris

Night-time Adventure

Fluffy, Bluey and Rainbow went on a night-time Adventure. There were lots of Halloween decorations surrounding them on their way to the spooky park. Fluffy got scared by some small spiders. Rainbow knew that the spiders weren’t real. Bluey calmed Fluffy down. Now they’re at the spooky park going to the playground.

Fluffy, Bluey and Rainbow had fun at the park on the slide and swings. On their way out of the park they decide to go trick-or-treating. They knock on a door and a vampire opens the door, they scream and run all the way home.


1st PRIZE (Age 10-13) Lara McMillan

Ghost girl

Emily was walking into the bathroom on an early Halloween morning. Emily was an elegant girl with dark hair, blue eyes and she always wore jeans and a purple jumper. She was 14 (15 in 3 days). When she got to the bathroom, she looked in the mirror and did not see anything. At first, she thought it was a dream, but when she pinched herself, she did not wake up.

She ran downstairs and called her mum. “MUM, HELP I CAN'T SEE MY REFLECTION in THE MIRROR. IM SCARED.”

No reply.

“MUM.” She went to the kitchen. “MUM LISTEN TO ME,” she screamed, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Emily, breakfast,” her mum said.

 “But mum, I'm here,” she said, crying even more.

Later that day, at 9 o'clock, everyone was out trick or treating while Emily was at home, wondering why no one had been able to see or hear her.

"I know I'll go to Wendy. She will know everything".

Thirty minutes later she arrived at Wendy’s cavern. Wendy was an old, frail, little woman of 74 years who loved Halloween more than anyone else. She was one of those people who you love when you first meet them.

“Wendy, I need your help now,” Emily said desperately.

“Aha, I was expecting you, Emily. So, no one else can see or hear you my love, "she whispered quietly, just loud enough for her to hear. “You are a ghost, Emily. Didn’t you know ....?”


2nd PRIZE (Age 10-13) Phoebe Davies

Lost and Found


Socks, spoons, and cigarettes, it started off lost in the noise of everyday misplacements. It became petty thievery; bikes, trikes, scooters, and skates. The local constabulary put it down to a rash of kleptomania amongst bored youth. They were forced to take it more seriously when cars vanished. Locals lamented the decay of society as they gazed at their neighbours’ empty driveways. Soon, dogs were kidnapped but no ransom demands made. Inside, outside, or secured at the foot of their masters’ beds. None were safe.  


It was mid-September when the first child was taken. Specialists from London armed with infra-red camera and sniffer dogs were powerless as the count reached four before October. As fireworks were cancelled, the village was under government lockdown. This only accelerated things. 


My parents, hysterical, locked me in my room for days. One morning, no-one joined breakfast. I wandered my house, numb and hopeless. A PCSO knocked at my door and deposited me at the community centre with twenty-two others in my situation.  


Yearning to join the lost, my despair outweighed my fear. 


Twelve of us were left when the roof ceased to exist during lunch. There were eight when our guardians evaporated; three when a chasm replaced the carpark and walls. No visible bottom but a void. 


I lost my final companions as the walls went and the floor became a disc under my feet. 


My eyes foggy and head swimming, a steady beep rang out. “She’s awake! Get the doctor!” I heard.


3rd PRIZE (Age 10-13) Seren Mills

The House at the End of The Street

Seeing as you’ve already seen the title of this book, yes, this story is about the house at the end of the street. It was a normal day. I was just doing my daily paper rounds, all was fine. Until I got to the house at the end. Its boarded windows and crooked stairs make it look as if to say, “Dare to come near me?”

 Now, normally I would just leave this house as they never pick up the newspapers, but this time, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go around the house to find anything suspicious. As I was walking around, I heard a creaking noise, so I put my ear up to one of the windows, just to see if anyone was there or if it was just the wind. I heard a creak again, and again, but each time it got faster and louder, then suddenly it stopped. My heart was racing, I tried my best to be silent, until. I got a notification from my mum.

“When are you going to be home? You have been out for ages.”

For a moment, it felt like my heart stopped. I saw someone, something through the cracks of the wood. I did not know what it was, all I knew was that it did not look human. I backed away, until it asked me,

 “Want to come inside dear?” Curiosity got the better of me...


1st PRIZE (Age 14-18) Lauren Orr

The Man In The Corner

The icy stare woke me up from my deep slumber I was thinking these nightmares would stop happening especially when I was awake, but he keeps waiting in the corner for me to sleep once again. Another morning, no sleep he was still waiting with his tall body and slender arms in the slightly darkened corner of my room, he follows me to different rooms through the darkness and never takes his cold dead eyes off me. I’m afraid that no one believes me when I tell them as they can’t see him, only I can. I closed my eyes out of exhaustion and quickly opened them, my skin ran cold seeing the dark corner of my room empty, I started to panic and suddenly started freaking out questioning his disappearance. I gradually got out of bed I was trying to get to the bathroom as I was edging out of my room, I hear a sound from under my bed I look all around me my eyes turn back to my bed and he’s standing there on my wooden headboard staring straight through me. I calmed down eventually but realising he came out of the darkness doesn’t really help to keep myself stable, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and his freakish features like his blackened pupils that reflected myself through them, his pale white scarred skin and that slight smirk that gave me goosebumps.

Another day and he’s gradually getting more use to the light which eases me quite a bit to see him but today was different, he wasn’t looking at me he pointed at the dark corner and in his deep voice slowly whispered “there” searching the corner with my eyes realising nothing was wrong with the little space I steadily walked to. I turned around there was nothing. I couldn’t see anything, it was pitch black, but I could see him laughing hysterically, but his pale dried mouth had released sound which pushed my fear to another level. I realised I’m stuck in this darkness, I panic frantically realising what I have done, I have trapped myself in my own body, but I have no control, he does. I tried screaming out but that didn’t do anything. It has been hours, my throat is so sore and I’m exhausted, I fell to the floor in defeat and saw dreadful pale toes in front of me I look up to see his cheeky smirk directed at me. I closed my eyes tightly in fear and reopened them to find myself back at home which made me question how I got there I got up steadily from my carpeted floor and headed to the bathroom I started washing my face and go to look in the mirror I l stared at myself in horror That’s not me

2nd PRIZE (Age 14-18) Niamh Davies

Little boys' and big shock’s

Officer Betty sat down she’d dimmed the lights just enough for her and the other teens who had been brought in to be able to see her in that old drab room, these teenagers had been brought to her after going around smashing pumpkins, scaring kids and more

Betty spoke up “gather round kids I'm going to tell you rambunctious teens a little story of two boys just like you all”

One of the Kids chimed in "were far too old for scary stories lady”

And another child followed up "Yeah we’ve heard every single one in the book”

Betty let out a light giggle “well prove yourselves right and sit through my story of two little boys even younger than you, doing something none of you would ever dream of doing”

 Once, not too long ago, two little boys just like you went round every year in costumes trick or treating on Halloween, they never really stood out but one year they hatched a plan to be in the best costumes that town had ever seen.

Together they went round every house and every shop, it was a yearly game for them to go round collecting sweets and treats all-round the neighborhood, people were getting quite shocked some screaming at them from their doors some even started crying at the sight their costumes. It made the boys quite proud, but they wouldn’t tell where they got those outfits.                                                          

No matter what the adults asked them, or which adults asked they simply wouldn’t tell.                     

Once after their mothers had tried “one last time” while shaking asking and pleading to know about the costumes origin even then the boys did not crack, when they didn’t disclose where even the masks were from they got sent to talk to some police their parents said they would have to tell them about the costumes eventually but the two boys knew their parents were just trying to show off their son’s amazing talents the boys were so proud that they skipped all the way down to the little black room one of the children asked betty “why did they need to tell anybody anything about the costumes, aren't they just little kids?”                                                                                                                                                       

Betty paused and seemed to be lost in a long train of thought and finally after a couple minutes said “let's just say the boys' ‘costumes’ were not that of any other usual Halloween costume you would ever see“.  A small chill past over all the kids in that room with many questions but the largest one being, what were those costumes like to receive such a reaction?” 

Betty continued on

When they entered that little black room, they were met with two chairs in front of them across from which on the other side of the table sat an old man, the old man started asking strange questions. Lots and lots of questions like "where is the rest of them” “who were they?” “How did you do It” “did you get help with this” “ Did you know what you were doing” “ have you got no remorse” the boys STILL did not react they knew if they said where their costumes came from everybody would have them the boys went higher and higher up the chain of authority, They started with a local officer, Then interviewed by a Sargent then when he had no success they were sent to C.I.D specializing in the extraction of information

They used every trick in the book good cop, bad cop even brining in press to do interviews with them in the hope they would slip up, but the boys made no error 

Eventually they got bored of the game they had been playing with the adults, too many interviews, too many people, TOO much attention! They wanted to go home so they Asked for a final interview live on air for all to hear and for all to know

Betty looked around that room every one of those teenagers were staring at her entranced by the power of her words quite literally sitting on the edge of their seats desperate for the final reveal thrilled with the effect her tale was having on them lowering her voice she began once more

During the interview the boys gleefully confessed, not realizing the consequences of their words, having admitted to what the costumes were made from and who helped or more correctly in their words ‘donated’ to constructing their masterpieces of horror. Police had been watching the interview desperate for answers. It finally clicked. with hearts in stomachs and horror in their souls, the answer had been staring them in the face the whole time a sight impossible to unsee. Jonson Brown and David Jones had gone missing not two weeks beforehand, the police didn’t know where the bodies where they did now, or at least what was left or them just the skin. Those two boys would go down in history in that small village. They were nicknamed ‘the boys who wore the others skin’.

As Betty looked around the room the looks on those kids' faces were something she would never get tired of looking at and by the end of that story all those kids left swearing they would never do anything wrong on Halloween again. Of course, not all followed through with those promises but she’s always ready to share more of those lovely stories from her childhood home. For all to hear


3rd PRIZE (Age 14-18) Lainey O’Driscoll

The pumpkin that carved itself



"Um, not recently no, why are you screaming?"


"Oh. My. Days. What on earth is that"


I’m Isla, a 15 year old girl from a small town in Salem; and yesterday a gigantic pumpkin appeared in the town centre. 

No one knows where it came from, what time it appeared, who put it there, why it's there, or how it got there...


My friend Caitlin showed me a news article about it on her phone as we were walking to school today.


'Thats huge" I say in awe 

"I know! It's so cool!" she was practically gliding across the pavement in excitement 

"More like concerning"

"what do you mean by that?" She suddenly slowed down

"A huge pumpkin shows up in the middle of town, a week before Halloween in SALEM, that doesn't sound suspicious to you?"

She thought about it for a second "Not really no"

"Of course it doesn't”


Day 2


Me and Caitlin are walking to school, we left early so we could go see the pumpkin in person and It. Was. Big

It was probably twice the size of my house 

"I don't know how they're gonna carve it" Caitlin jokes 

"With hedge cutters and a shovel if it was possible" 

As we walked around it we noticed the faint outlining of a basic pumpkin face, we were confused because that wasn't in the news article. 

"Maybe they just never noticed it" Caitlin suggested  

"It may be a faint line but it's not SO faint that they wouldn't notice it" I reason

"True, I don't know then” Caitlin turned back to her phone "c'mon we’ve got places to be" she grabbed my hand and dragged me away


Day 7


By the end of the week it was finished being carved and everyone had noticed the nightly changes on the pumpkin, it was in the papers, the news and all over social media. 

No one knew who was carving it as it was way too big for a person to climb, and there's no construction equipment for miles. People were getting scared and confused.


November 1st


The pumpkin disappeared


Last night, just after I got home from trick o treating there was some kind of loud rumbling noise, then a bang, then silence.


Lyra came running up to me once I'd got into school this morning 

"Hiya!" She says 

"Hi, have you noticed the pumpkin is gone? I went to look this morning, I don't get how someone can put such a huge pumpkin here and take it away without anyone noticing- what?" She looked confused, like she didn't know what I was talking about.


Her head cocks to one side.


"What pumpkin?"